Salmon DNA BioStimulator

salmon DNA

Salmon DNA Biostimulator is an injectable treatment that utilizes polynucleotide (PN) derived from purified salmon DNA for skin rejuvenation. It offers a comprehensive approach to improve skin texture, firmness, and overall appearance. The treatment harnesses the power of polynucleotides to promote deep-level tissue regeneration, targeting adipose and bone tissue, as well as superficial-level rejuvenation of the skin dermis. The biocompatible polynucleotide gel stimulates the body’s natural healing processes, resulting in a younger and healthier skin appearance.

What are the key effects of Salmon DNA Biostimulator?

Salmon DNA Biostimulator offers three key effects for skin bioregeneration:

  • Moisturising Effect:
    The polynucleotide gel provides intense hydration and improves skin texture, elasticity, and tone. It diffuses water molecules to different layers of the skin, ensuring a deep moisturising effect from within.
  • Biostimulation Effect:
    Salmon DNA Biostimulator promotes the metabolic activity of fibroblastic cells, aiding in the reintegration of essential components for skin health maintenance. This effect stimulates cell function and activity, promoting skin rejuvenation.
  • Anti-Oxidant Effect:
    By targeting skin exposed to oxidative stress, Salmon DNA Biostimulator helps protect against damage caused by free radicals and supports the skin’s natural defense mechanisms.
  • Firming & Anti-Aging:
    Salmon DNA Biostimulator effectively stimulates collagen production, resulting in a notable firming effect. Through its promotion of collagen synthesis, polynucleotide aids in restoring skin elasticity and reducing visible signs of aging.
Firming & Anti-Aging

How is Salmon DNA Biostimulator administered?

Bio-Restructuring Technique

5 Point Bio-Restructuring Technique

Salmon DNA Biostimulator will be injected into the skin using the specially designed 5 point bio- restructuring technique.

This technique helps to stimulate the cell membrane receptors within the deeper layers of our skin, leading to the reawakening of our skin cell’s original functions.

The injection technique also provides an additional lifting effect, resulting in a more defined contour and a three-dimensional face.

At Dr D Aesthetics Medical Clinic, our doctors will assess and recommend a personalised treatment based on your skin condition.

What are the benefits of Salmon DNA Biostimulator?

  • Long-lasting Effect:
    Salmon DNA Biostimulator has a heavy molecular weight that reaches deeper into the skin and degrades slower, providing a long-lasting effect.
  • Improved Skin Health:
    The treatment promotes skin regeneration and activates natural cell functions such as wound healing and tissue repair.
  • Vibrant and Hydrated Skin:
    The intense hydrating ability of the polynucleotide gel ensures deep moisturization, leading to a vibrant and healthy complexion.
  • Rejuvenation and Contouring:
    Salmon DNA Biostimulator offers a lifting effect, enhancing skin tone, texture, and elasticity. It helps restore a youthful glow and adds definition to facial features.

Salmon DNA Biostimulator Time Course of Drug Absorption

Salmon DNA Biostimulator Time Course

Am I a suitable candidate?

Salmon DNA Biostimulator is suitable for individuals experiencing the following
skin concerns:

  • Dull, dehydrated Skin
  • Enlarged pores
  • Skin laxity
  • Acne scars

It is also recommended for those seeking skin rejuvenation and a more defined facial appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before the treatment, a numbing cream is applied. The doctor will mark the areas to be injected and proceed with the injections to the desired areas. Note that the injection points may vary between individuals.

For significant improvements in skin condition, it is recommended to receive the treatment once a month for at least three consecutive sessions.

-HOW LONG WILL Salmon DNA Biostimulator LAST?
On average, the effects of Salmon DNA Biostimulator can last at least 6-9 months. However, results may vary depending on individual skin conditions.

Some patients may experience mild soreness at the injection sites and temporary bumps on their skin, which usually lasts no more than 7 days.

Come consult with our qualified medical doctors at Dr D Aesthetics Medical Clinic for a personalised treatment plan!

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