Non-Surgical Nose Enhancement

Signature Non-Surgical Nose Enhancement Projected, Slim-cut, Tall Nose bridge 


  1. Dermal Fillers
    Fillers of choice to be injected for this area will be using High G-primed gel-like substance (able to withhold resistance). DrD prefers to use either “Teoxane UltraDeep” or “Restylane Lyft” to prevent widening or over-expansion of the nose bridge in future. Usually, after the gel is being injected, it absorbs back into our body system after 6-8months.
    By using approved material of PDO threads, it ensures more safety treatment and performs a natural improvement in a short-convenient time without general anaesthesia, hospitalization, or long recovery. DrD prefers to use Y-KO threads. For each treatment, usually, 6-10 threads are being inserted under local anaesthesia. These threads naturally dissolve itself after 6-8months with Collagen simulation. Duration: 10-15minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it painful?
DrD: Numbing cream will be applied over the treated area prior to injection to minimize discomfort or pain. Most dermal fillers are also mixed with a local anaesthetic solution to minimize pain during the procedure.

2. What to expect after the procedure? Any downtime?
DrD: You may expect very minimal downtime such as redness or bruise. After treatment, you can go ahead with your daily activities. If there is swelling, usually it will go away within 3-7days.

3. Do I need to avoid anything after the procedure?

  • Avoid exercise for 1 week 
  • Avoid alcohol, Chinese traditional medications and Vitamins for 1 week. 
  • Avoid putting makeup same day
  • Avoid facial or face massage for 1 month
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