How Fotona Intraoral Laser Can Reduce Laugh Lines 

Among the visible signs of aging, nasolabial folds stand out as prominent indicators influenced by aging, sun exposure, and lifestyle factors such as smoking. These laugh lines, running from your nose to your mouth can appear as early as the age of 30, sparking an increased interest in their reduction. Treatment options for nasolabial folds include dermal fillers, face lifting and tightening procedures like Thermage and HIFU. While these treatments focus on the outer skin layers, Fotona intraoral laser has the unique ability to tighten from within, leading to more pronounced nasolabial line reduction.

The Science Behind Intraoral Fotona Lasers:

Fotona Intraoral laser, employing the Er:YAG SMOOTH mode, is designed to combat signs of aging and promote skin rejuvenation. In contrast to ablative lasers that damage the skin’s surface, non-ablative fractional lasers, like Fotona Er:YAG SMOOTH laser, target controlled thermal damage to the skin’s deeper layers without affecting the surface.

The Er:YAG SMOOTH laser uses a rapid sequence of low-energy, long pulses (250 ms) to allow the laser’s energy to deeply penetrate the mucosal layer lining the inside of the mouth (up to 100 microns in thickness). This laser induces a photothermal interaction, gently heating tissues to temperatures between 55°C and 70°C at depths of 200–500 microns.

This interaction triggers various effects:

  • Mechanical Effect: The gentle heating causes the upper mucosal layer to contract, while the deeper layers are pulled due to mechanical tension. These combined actions lead to tissue contraction and shrinkage, resulting in collagen remodeling and the formation of new collagen.
  • Collagen Activation: The laser’s thermal effect stimulates fibroblasts, promoting neocollagenesis—where new collagen fibers are generated. These new fibers contribute to improved skin thickness, elasticity, and wrinkle filling.

Clinical Application and Results:

Clinical studies have demonstrated the potential of Fotona Intraoral lasers for reducing nasolabial folds. This laser treatment is non-invasive, requiring no anesthesia, with no downtime. It is well-tolerated and yields noticeable results for fine to moderate wrinkles. By applying the laser within the oral cavity, it provides a plumping and tightening result, particularly appealing to patients who prefer non-invasive, non-surgical approaches.


Is it painful?

During the treatment, you might feel a warm and slightly prickling sensation. The risk of developing ulcers as a result of the treatment is extremely low. After the procedure, it’s advisable to avoid consuming spicy or scalding foods.

Can I combine Fotona Intraoral Laser with other treatments?

The Fotona Intraoral laser is most often used as the initial step in Fotona 4D or Fotona 6D treatments. In our practice at Dr D Aesthetics, we frequently combine the Fotona Intraoral Laser with Thermage to achieve enhanced results.

Interested in Exploring Fotona Intraoral Laser?

If you’re considering Fotona Intraoral Laser treatment, we encourage you to consult with our experienced medical doctors at Dr D Aesthetics Medical Clinic. They can guide you on how Fotona Intraoral Laser can complement your aesthetic journey. Your journey to a revitalized appearance starts with a conversation – reach out to us today to learn more!

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