Deep dive into SylfirmX’s youthful restorative effects

Taking a close look at SylfirmX’s Radiofrequency Microneedling technology

You have probably heard much about microneedling treatment and its many benefits for restoring a more youthful appearance. The secret is out. Microneedling is an evidence-based procedure that has been rigorously tested in clinical settings. From evening out fine wrinkles to removing blackheads, microneedling – when done properly in a professional setting – can eliminate many of your aesthetic worries.

Today we will break down the ins and outs of SylfirmX’s radiofrequency microneedling technology. Should you consider SylfirmX part of your aesthetic journey? Let’s take a deep dive.

What exactly is Radiofrequency Microneedling?

Radiofrequency (RF) microneedling is a clinically established aesthetic procedure that delivers high-intensity RF energy through insulated needles to stimulate the dermis layers. The RF energy penetrates the skin to speed up naturally occurring healing processes, ultimately producing improved skin complexion. Among the aesthetics community, radiofrequency microneedling has been touted as a safe and effective treatment for anti-aging and scar treatment, among many other aesthetics applications.

Specifically, delivering RF energy pulses through insulated needles is an effective mechanism to emit thermal and mechanical energy at predetermined depths. Depending on how deep the source of your skin condition is (e.g., acne scars, fat deposits), RF microneedling can be adjusted to stimulate the appropriate amounts of collagen and elastin production in your skin as needed.

Why are we excited about SylfirmX’s microneedling technology?

SylfirmX’s specialty is in its pulse configuration, providing the aesthetic doctor with the flexibility to customise the microneedling procedure to your skin condition. Its pulsed wave and continuous wave systems feature repeating ultra-short pulses that can be targeted at the source of the abnormal skin condition, whether they are hyperpigmentation spots, vascular lesions or cellulite deposits. This allows SylfirmX to be conveniently used to treat even conditions like rosacea and melasma that are notoriously difficult to target using conventional devices.

Moreover, SylfirmX’s US FDA-approved microneedling system features an evenly-layered set of insulated microelectrodes that can be precisely inserted at the desired location and depth during treatment. This semi-automatic application ensures safety, precision and consistency. The result is quicker and more comfortable treatment sessions for our clients.

The basis of SylfirmX’s radiofrequency microneedling technology has been clinically validated through controlled studies. Although it is commonly held that microneedling is used for treating acne scars, the benefits of SylfirmX go beyond scar removal. We know that the professional application of SylfirmX microneedling can provide these benefits:

  • Reduce the presence of stubborn wrinkles and fine lines
  • Lighten (and sometimes eliminate) the appearance of hyperpigmentation
  • Remove blackheads and enlarged pores
  • Tighten and firm up the appearance of upper eyelid skin
  • Smoothen out stretch marks and reduce cellulitis
  • Eliminate acne scars depending on its severity and depth
  • Improve the evenness of your skin tone
  • Reduce sweaty armpits by eliminating excess sweat glands
  • Rejuvenating neck complexion by tightening neck skin

What should I expect during a microneedling procedure?

Clients who go through the RF microneedling procedure experience little to no discomfort during and after the treatment. Most describe the microneedling process as experiencing a neutral, tingling sensation on the skin surface. That said, the treatment experience varies from person to person, depending on the depth and location of the microneedling treatment. For clients with more sensitive skin conditions, we might apply a topical numbing cream to ease any potential discomfort.

The whole procedure takes between 10 to 20 minutes, although the exact duration varies depending on the treatment scope. Post-treatment, clients usually have little to no downtime. Some redness and swelling may be encountered, but this usually goes away naturally.

Typically, we recommend clients to wear high SPF sunscreen for several weeks post-treatment as the procedure makes your skin extra sensitive to sun exposure. Antibiotic creams and emollients may also be prescribed as a precaution.

Are there any risks involved with the SylfirmX microneedling technology?

Potential side effects form RF microneedling are minimal. Numerous clinical studies have found that RF microneedling is generally well tolerated. As described, some patients may experience redness and swelling but these are temporary and go away naturally.

Is microneedling suitable for me?

Microneedling is a beneficial procedure for anyone who might have stubborn skin conditions, like wrinkles or acne scars. However, it is important to consult a professional aesthetic doctor for confirmation of your suitability. If you have had a recent skin infection or a history of poor wound healing, RF microneedling might not be recommended.

Radiofrequency microneedling is an effective procedure for skin rejuvenation and ridding problematic skin conditions. However, it is important to consult a professional aesthetics doctor to confirm your suitability for such a procedure. A professional aesthetic doctor can also recommend the appropriate extent and frequency of RF microneedling sessions needed to achieve your desired outcomes. If this is something you are curious about, do not hesitate to contact our team of professional aesthetics doctors at Dr D Aesthetics Medical Clinic today!

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