Inspiring confidence with a more beautiful you.


Inspiring confidence with a more beautiful you.

"Inspiring Confidence With A
More Beautiful You"

Dr D Aesthetics Medical Clinic Singapore

Located in the Prestigious Orchard Road

If you’re looking to receive an aesthetic treatment in a friendly and professional environment, then look no further than Dr D Aesthetics Medical Clinic in Singapore.

Using modern technology, our medical aesthetics team are fully trained. They’re able to deliver a multitude of procedures for the treatment of a wide variety of skin conditions, listening to your needs and finding the perfect solution for you.

Each treatment offered at Dr D’s medical and aesthetic clinic is evidence-based and delivered to ensure that as little downtime as possible is needed, enabling you to resume day-to-day activities in a short space of time.
Situated in the heart of Singapore, the clinic offers a range of health, skincare and small-scale surgeries, as well as modern, non-surgical cosmetic treatments, each performed to the highest of standards experienced doctors.

All treatments at Dr D’s involve the use of safe medication and equipment and this, teamed with our pride in patient care and satisfaction, helps you rest assured that you are in safe hands.

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Meet Dr. David Ng WK

Dr David Ng Weng Keen (Founder & Owner of Dr D Aesthetics Group) graduated from the University of Leicester Medical School, United Kingdom, in 2008, and has since accumulated extensive surgical experience in the fields of neurosurgery, general surgery and plastic surgery in the UK, as well as Singapore.

Known for his meticulous eye for detail, Dr David sees aesthetics as both an art and science, combining his medical knowledge and experience with his passion for helping people enhance their looks to create a version of themselves they are happier and more comfortable with.

“His ultimate goal in mind when treating his patients is to inspire confidence- When they look better, they feel better.”

Meet Dr Chia MS

Dr Chia graduated from the University of Liverpool in the United Kingdom with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB). She is a registered Family Physician with a Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine from American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. She also holds a Graduate Diploma in Family Practice Dermatology and Sports Medicine. As a medical doctor, Dr Chia strives hard to improve one’s quality of life through aesthetic treatments. She improves her patients’ confidence and self-esteem by enhancing their features and slowing down signs of aging. She carefully assesses and formulates tailor made treatment plans for her patients after listening to their concerns. She is well liked for her gentle demeanour and effective results. Aside from obtaining Certificate of Competence in various aesthetic procedures, Dr Chia continually upgrades her knowledge by attending various overseas conferences, particularly in the Asia Pacific region - Korea, Taiwan and Australia. Outside her busy schedule, Dr Chia keeps fit by cycling and playing tennis and table tennis. She loves trying out new cafes and restaurants.

“Everyone is unique. My role to help you achieve the best version of yourself”

Dr D Aesthetics

Meet Dr Alisa Tan

Dr Alisa Tan is a well-rounded family physician with a strong interest in aesthetic medicine. Few years after obtaining her medical degree from the University Kebangsaan Malaysia, she started practising medicine in Singapore in 2013. She further advanced her knowledge by attaining Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine in 2018.

Over the years of training, she has developed a passion in wellness, dermatology and aesthetic medicine. In addition to obtaining various Certificates of Competency in aesthetic treatment, she actively participates in conferences and seminars to learn from experts all over the world.

Dr Alisa is soft-spoken, approachable and is empathetic to the concerns of their patients. With a background in family medicine, she places great emphasis on holistic approach to aesthetic treatments. Growing up in Malaysia also means that she is multilingual with English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Malay. In her free time, she enjoys brushing up her culinary skills, enjoying good food and traveling.

“Ageing is inevitable – let’s age beautifully and gracefully”

Dr. D Aesthetics Medical Clinic


Featured in Tatler

Dr. D Aesthetics Medical Clinic

Our Services

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BTX Anti-wrinkle injections, filler injections and more

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BTX Anti-wrinkle injections, filler injections, upper eyelid lifting and more



Stubborn fat reduction, ageing skin tightening, fat freeze and more



Acne scar laser, acne treatment, HA skin boosters, and more

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Legacy Neck Firm, skin boosters Rejuvenation and more



General health screening, HPV vaccine, STD treatment and more

Our Story


"Bringing Back The Basics Yet More Defined And Aesthetically Pleasant"

Before founding Dr D Aesthetics Medical Clinic in Singapore, Dr David worked at an airport clinic. There, he met many airline staff who sought treatments and advice on how they could keep their skin looking youthful and radiant, eager to combat the common signs of ageing.

Inspired by this experience, Dr David decided he wanted to further specialise in the medical aesthetics arena, and Dr D Aesthetics Medical Clinic was born. With many wanting to maintain healthy skin and a youthful appearance yet apprehensive to undergo surgery, Dr D Aesthetics focuses on providing patients with their desired outcome without the need to undergo invasive surgery, enabling comfort and inspiring confidence.

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Our Signature Programmes


Dr D Aesthetics provides a holistic approach to individuals’ aesthetic needs. Our team of doctors use the latest, clinically proven, non-invasive and non-surgical technologies to carry out treatments.

As an advocate of non-invasive and non surgical treatments, Dr David firmly believes in using the most advanced technologies, coupling this with his skill of providing patients with the most cost-effective treatments, all while minimizing pain and the downtime patients need to enhance their looks.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

We believe that beauty is not only about finding the perfect fit but it also has to be the most natural fit. Our team at Dr D Aesthetics look forward to journeying with you to create a more beautiful you. – DR. D Aesthetics

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