Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is an incredibly effective and widely accessible hair removal method which can be used on most parts of the human body.

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal revolves around the use of light energy – this energy leaves the hair follicles targeted permanently damaged by honing in on the roots under the surface of the skin with a medical-grade laser.

When you’re getting laser hair treatment, it’s important that the follicles are targeted at a specific point in their growth cycle in order to stop the hair growing back. With patches of hair reaching this point in the cycle at different times, you can expect to attend multiple sessions at a hair removal clinic in order to achieve long-lasting results. At Dr D Aesthetics in Singapore, we recommend between six and eight appointments, with four to six weeks in between each for the first few sessions.

Both men and women are able to get laser hair removal, and it’s suitable for people of all skin tones. If you’re considering the treatment for sensitive areas such as your face or bikini line, it’s perfectly safe – in fact, these are two of the most commonly targeted areas, alongside the legs, underarms, back and chest.

Which areas can be treated with long pulse nd YAG laser hair removal?

Bikini line/Brazilian

With long-lasting results, laser hair removal drastically reduces - if not eliminates - the need to shave or wax, as any hair which does return after treatment will be much finer and therefore less visible.


Permanent reduction of hair growth
Visiting a hair removal clinic and opting for the laser can result in a substantial hair reduction. Any hair which does return will be significantly finer and softer.
Say goodbye to in-grown hairs
Once you’ve had laser hair removal, you’ll hardly ever have to turn to waxing or shaving, so in-grown hairs and stubble will become a distant memory.
Save money in the long run
Opting for laser hair removal is an investment – while you will bear the upfront cost, you won’t have to worry about money and time spent shaving or waxing on a regular basis, or on machines which aren’t too effective.
Improve your skin’s tone and texture
You’ll no longer have to contend with pigmentation and uneven skin, which you may often notice as a result of shaving/waxing.
Tackle stubborn hair in a safe and effective manner
At Dr D Aesthetics, we can assure your safety in the laser hair removal process. Procedures and protocols are in place to ensure you’re in a safe environment – and in safe hands, too.
The experience is relatively painless
While you may experience mild discomfort, laser hair removal isn’t particularly painful – and the more sessions you attend, the less noticeable the sensation will feel as the number of follicles reduces each time you return. Skin cooling will be provided.

Laser hair removal

Typical procedure duration:
60 minutes
Results show in:
2 – 4 months
Return to work:
Not required
Potential downtime:
Mild redness/bruising/ numbness up to 7 days
Recovery period:
Little to none
Sensitivity period:
Typically 2 – 3 days
No. of treatments required:
1 – 2

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to see the results of laser hair removal?
Results vary among individuals, but most patients see some immediate results after the first treatment. The end results can be more lasting after four to six sessions.
2. What does laser hair removal feel like?
The experience may not be the same for everyone, but generally patients tend to feel a warm sensation. For more aggressive treatments, you may feel a much hotter sensation around the treated area, but the heat will dissipate quickly.
3. Does the procedure require any downtime?
No, the treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive. You can resume your daily activities immediately after.
4. How many sessions of laser hair removal are needed?
We recommend six to eight sessions.
5. How long is each session and what is the interval between each session?
Each session takes approximately 30 minutes, and you will need to allow for a gap of four to six weeks between each session.
6. Is laser hair removal unsafe?
No, laser hair removal isn’t unsafe and you can rest assured that you’ll be in the safe hands of our professionally trained team at Dr D Aesthetics.
7. Can you get cancer from laser hair removal?
No – cancer can be caused by ultraviolet light which can trigger irregular growth changes in cells; laser hair removal uses infra-red lighting and doesn’t cause any damage to the skin cells.
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